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Specialized Training


We offer specialized training for groups including but not limited to:

Military special forces; Airline employees; Babysitters; Teachers; 

Police officers, and many more.


Martial Arts Instructors


Training Includes but is not limited to:


• Krav Maga stances

• Krav Maga techniques

• Hand-to-Hand Fighting and Defense

• Weapon training (guns, knives, sticks, ropes, batons, etc.) both defense & attack

• Ground techniques both with/without weapons

• Multiple opponents – Defense/Attack and Armed/Unarmed

• Self-defense for females

• Restraining persons

• Bodyguard techniques (defense of others)

• Carjacking defenses

• Legal aspects to use of force



Law Enforcement


Training includes but is not limited to:


• Arrest and control techniques.

• Gun (varioustypes) disarming in various positions and in a variety of situations.

• Knife/Weapon disarming invarious positions and in a variety of situations.

• Disarming an assailant who is attacking an officer or third person with a gun, knife or other weapon, such as a razor blade, glass bottle, stick, etc.

• Disarming and defending against multiple attackers in close quarters.

• Defending against chokeholds (bothfrom the front and behind).

• Defenses to being attacked (both with and without weapons) while on the ground.

• Searching suspects/detainees.

• How to defend attacks on multiple victims.

• Legal aspects to use of force.






Private/Semi-Private Classes


We offer private classes for both individual and groups.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at 786-571-KRAV (5728) and/or email us at info@iamelitekm.com.



Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to get the additional, individual attention to accelerate your progress and take your training to the next level. Private Lessons are offered for students who wish to experience the power of one-on-one instruction. These classes are scheduled around the student's availability and consequently, are perfect for students who are having a difficult time attending group classes. During your private lessons you will be working on material which you need the most help with under the watchful eye of a knowledgeable instructor.

What are the advantages of Private Lessons?

  • Achieve belt rank in a private setting suitable to your busy schedule.
  • Move ahead at a quicker pace.
  • One-on-one personal instruction.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Flexible and customized training programs.
  • Flexible schedules. You decide when you train by making your own appointments.
  • A great addition to regular classes
  • Convenient times and locations
  • Training at a pace that suits you
  • Focus on specific techniques
  • Builds confidence in your abilities


For those wanting to fine tune their skills or to kick start their regular training with one-on-one instruction, we offer an introductory service to assist you to arrange a private training schedule with any of our experienced instructor team members. For many people, weekly classes may not be a reality – we all lead busy lives, packed with busy schedules. We believe that this should not affect your ability to train, and our instructors love to train – just as much as you!




A typical Krav Maga lesson includes Krav Maga related fitness and aggression drills designed to assist the learning process by reinforcing natural movements and reactions that are used in Krav Maga techniques. The drills also get you incredibly fit. Your ability to stay safe and defend yourself effectively depends on a number of factors including knowledge and your ability to remember, perform, and carry out certain techniques (i.e., muscle memory).  Stress training also helps students remember techniques and react quickly in real-life situations. 


Semi-Private Lessons

Designed for groups of people, semi-private lessons are appropriate for all ages and Krav Maga levels.  Semi-private lessons are also available by appointment and are a cost effective way to reap the benefits of personal training. With a semi-private lesson, you still receive the same benefits of a private session and can train with a friend, child or spouse. If you're apprehensive about joining a group class or simply can't fit it into your busy schedule, semi-private lessons may be right for you. Personal attention, motivation, and new challenges are only some of the advantages of semi-private lessons. 




Private & Semi-Private class rates vary depending on the location of the training and the number of sessions purchased.  Please call/email for details.